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Bilder sagen mehr als Worte….

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  1. Dominicque'ka Cook said:

    I think that you all should tell the story in english. Simply because of the fact that most of the people that even get on the internet are people that speakl english and we can not read that language. So please take time out to rewrite that message in english.

    20. Dezember 2006
  2. mark said:

    I should tell the story in English, because most people speak English?
    Following this argumentation, i had to write in Chinese.

    The headline „Bilder sagen mehr als Worte….“ means:
    A picture says more than words …

    Or just use babelfish for rough translations.

    20. Dezember 2006
  3. henok said:

    i love you

    21. Dezember 2006

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