Das Geld liegt auf der Strasse Teil II

Noch mehr Geld, ganz sicher und ohne Risiko.
Insgesamt habe ich jetzt ca. 400.000.000 $ angeboten bekommen. Ich weiss gar nicht warum das nicht jeder macht.
Nachfolgend die Originalkorrespondenz:

Dear respectful,

I wish to crave your indulgence in a claim business of mutual benefit if we walk together as planned.
I am Mr.Jonathan Alfred, a serving staff of POWER BALL LOTTO ORGANIZATION and attached file /claim

officer to the late Mr.John Yamnicky who happens to be one of the victims of September 11th 2001 terrorist attack of the World trade center in the United States of America which claim lives of people along with Mr.John Yamnicky a certified lotto prize winner of international lotto program held in August 2001 in the Netherlands which was conducted by our organization (Power Ball Lotto)
In regards to this incident my organization attempted several research to locate any of his relatives or his next of kin to the Award prize of $2,000,000.00USD (Two million US Dollars) platinum category; but all effort proof unsuccessful. On this bases and as I am still in active service as claim officer, I need your assistance to come forward as the next of kin or relative as our organization will claim this Award sum as unclaimed prize at the expiration of 3 years from the date of lotto drawn if NOT filed for. Be advised that this prize cannot be claim by any citizen of the Netherlands (Dutch) for the fact that the certified winner was a NON RESIDENCE OF THE NETHERLANDS.

In furtherance, being the appointed file/claim officer, I am in possession of the full winning information as correctly contained in the declared winning file which will be divulge to you in due course upon your prompt respond and seriousness to this mutual benefit.
The paying Bank will effect payment to you being the benefactor swiftly by proof of winning informations provided. i.e Lottery ticket numbers, Lottery batch numbers, claim numbers, serial numbers, file reference numbers, Lottery date and certification approval by the Court here in the Netherlands. This legal documentations will be acquired by imploring the services of a legal attorney to procure the (1) AFFIDAVIT TRUE /CLAIM INHERITANCE, (2) SEAL OF NATURALIZATION OF LOTTO CLAIM as the next of kin to the late John Yamnicky I assure you of my total support throughout the claim process as far as you will not prohibit the confidentiality repose in this transaction since I am still in active service until the claim processing is completed; the Award winning certification is still in the possession of the Netherlands Gaming Board awaiting endorsement and as soon as the legal documentation of truth claim is processed the paying Bank will effect payment of the AWARD PRIZE OF $2,000,000.00 USD to your provided account.
Note: Your role is absolutely risk free as entire claim procedure is legally filed for by the appointed legal attorney. The sharing modalities will be negotiated and a legal binding agreement will be arranged to bind us.

While I look forward to your further word with interest, please reply via

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